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On 19th September 1980, Johnny Owen, British, European and Commonwealth Bantamweight Champion, outright winner of the Lonsdale Belt,
Long Term Champion of Wales, Fought to add the World Championship Title to his magnificent resumé.
Unfortunately something went drastically wrong in the ring, and Johnny`s quest came to an end.
It is too painful for me to go into detail, but if the fight had been in the UK it probably would have been stopped much earlier and Johnny would have
been the victor. As it was in America it carried on far too long, with terrible consequences. Johnny went into a coma and spent several weeks in intensive
care on a life support machine. Sadly we lost him on 4th November, after it was decided to let him go, bring him home to Wales and lay him to rest.
The funeral flowers stretched for miles around, there were flowers from family & friends, royalty, politicians, sporting stars and celebrities, as well as from the
local communities. In the aftermath of the tragedy I had the honour of spending a few visits with his grieving family, and we are still in touch today.
Johnny was very special to me, and still is. In the ring he was a mighty warrior, in every day life, a kind, sincere, thoughtful, wonderful person, my Hero. 
This is my page in his honour.

" He Fought The Good Fight
With All His Might "
In Loving Memory of
Johnny Owen
Sadly Gone, but Never Forgotten.

Johnny`s Father took these photo`s of me with his belts, trophies and painting.
These photo's are NOT Johnny's sister and I have never claimed them to be (see bottom of page)

Saturday 2nd November 2002

Today I had the immense honour of joining Johnny`s family and friends for a wonderful and very fitting memorial service held in Johnny`s chapel in his home town, and to witness the unveiling of a beautiful, very lifelike bronze statue of Johnny. The unveiling was performed by his father and Johnny's final opponent.
Afterwards there was a buffet/refreshments by invitation only. It was a marvelous occasion of which Johnny would have been extremely proud, and I felt immensely privilaged to have been invited. It was great to see his family again, and to have the opportunity to meet and mingle among many boxers past and present, as well as other important people from the boxing/sporting world. I did find it impossible to go anywhere near the Mexican guy who was Johnny's last opponent, I know Johnny's father would have liked me to go over and meet him, but I couldn't bring myself to do so out of love and loyalty to Johnny. I am sure Johnny's father would understand and I hope I didn't disappoint him in any way. The weather was extremely wet but it didn`t spoil the occasion. Johnny was/is so dearly loved by the whole of Wales and his home town in particular, and nobody minded getting wet in order to see such a wonderful and moving tribute. However I did come away wishing he wasn`t out in the rain and felt like I wanted to wrap him up warm and cosy, but that`s just me and Johnny would find that highly amusing, I`m sure!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Johnny`s parents and family for inviting me I today, and congratulate them and "The Johnny Owen Memorial Fund"
for all their hard work and dedication in keeping Johnny`s memory alive in such a wonderful way. 

I have managed to get a photo of the statue since it was unveiled.
It has proven a bit difficult to get a good one due to weather conditions,
but I plan to go back again and get more as time goes on.
I have blurred all background and enhanced the photo to show the statue the best I can.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Johnny`s family for their overwhelming generosity, friendship, hospitality and kindness over the years.
A truly wonderful family and I feel proud and honoured to know them.

I have made the following graphics and website award in Johnny`s memory.
They are for my own personal use on this page, and for use by his family and/or website only.
The award might be offerred at a later stage for other boxer tribute sites,
but only if / when it is approved by his family.


Sadly Johnny`s father passed away on 15th December 2005.
I will miss him dearly because he was a true friend and like one of my own family.
I offer my condolences and best wishes to all the family,
and would like to thank them for informing me, and allowing me the opportunity to   
join them in paying my respects by attending the funeral.
I am sure these two great and wonderful men are now reunited in Heaven.
God Bless you both and all your family
We all love you.


Johnny's lovely mother sadly passed away on 31st August 2013.
I will miss her greatly, another true friend, a very special lady.
My condolences to all the family on their very sad loss,
I was honoured to have been invited to join them when she was laid to rest with Johnny
and her beloved husband. God Bless you and much love to you all.

It`s not the size of the man in the fight that matters,
it`s the size of the fight in the man!!!

For Johnny  © Karen

Please visit the
JOHNNY OWEN Website before you go
and why not purchase a print copy of the fantastic painting "A Tribute To Johnny",
featuring Johnny with all his own Boxing heroes whilst you are there :-)

Tuesday March 28th 2017. Today I have been greatly saddened to find one of the above photo's that were taken by Johnny's father, being posted and shared on Facebook Johnny and Boxer tribute pages as being a photo of one of Johnny's sisters. Firstly the only place that photo could have come from is my website, and I have never given anyone else permission to use it - secondly, the photo is of myself holding Johnny's hard earned Lonsdale Belt, I have never ever claimed the photo is of Johnny's sister and have no idea why someone would think it was... thirdly, even if that was the case no-one has the right to plaster it all over Facebook, especially as it was taken from a personal tribute page! I am appalled at this outright lack of respect for Johnny and his family and sincerely hope if any of them saw it they know I have not ever claimed to be Johnny's sister in any way shape or form. I tried to inform the people who have shared the photo that it is not Johnny's sister, I then received obscene comments back calling me a f----- idiot (sorry but there was no need for such language and I will not put it on my page out of respect for Johnny), got blocked from the page and then my comments were removed - but not before I had managed to screen shot them and if I ever find these images or nasty comments on there again I will not hesitate to name and shame the person responsible and report him to Facebook. The last thing I wanted to do was plaster copyright info all over my images on this page but I have had to do so in order to prevent this happening again. I love and respect Johnny and his family too much to allow this to continue, obviously the person responsible has no respect for them whatsoever! Karen
One of several beautiful gifts I have received from Johnny's family
Here it is with some more