About Me

I am Karen and I live in South Wales (UK).

I am a Crafts and Graphical Artist,
Photographer and Self Published Author.

I enjoy making my own graphics and other images, and I sometimes like to write Books & Poems or Draw & Paint.
I also make Jewelry, Dream Catchers, Greetings Cards, Gifts and other items.
I like to discover, create or learn new crafts and skills from time to time, so watch this space!

My books and many of my images & photographs are available to purchase on various merchandise & gifts via my
Gift Shop, and I also have a selection of various hand made & printed items on sale through this website via PayPal.
I have a separate website for my photography where I can also be booked for photographic services.
From time to time I can be found working or selling in fayres and charity events or running them myself.

Besides all this I am also a Spiritual Medium & Healer with over 50 years experience.
I am founder & president of two independent spiritualist churches, one in Neath and one in Glynneath,
and I do platform services in these & other churches and work in charity events doing readings & demonstrations.
I can also be booked for various spiritual services, readings, healing and more.
I know this is not to everyone's liking but I felt I should mention it anyway. For anyone who may be interested in learning
more please feel free to visit "
Utopia", which is a separate website for my spiritual organisation.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Karen X

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