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Original Bracelets, Hand Made in Wales with Memory Wire and various beads & other decorations.
Known as Memory Wire because after a while the bracelet maintains the size & shape of the wearer's arm.
S= Small Size, M = Medium Size, L = Large Size, C = Child Size

Payment accepted Via PayPal, to order simply note the reference code/s of the item/s you wish to purchase

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PayPal and send the correct amount to (if you are not a PayPal member you can still send money as a guest at their website)

Please make sure you put a note on the order telling me what you are ordering and include your address so I can send your order to you.

Please add
1.00 to your order total for up to 3 Bracelets and then 25p each for any additional Bracelets to cover postage and packing.

Thank you  
B/033 - 2.50 (M-L)
B/034 - 2.50 (M-L)
B/035 - 2.50 (M-L)
B/036 - 2.50 (M-L)
B/037 - 2.50 (M-L)
C/005 - 2.50 (C-S)
C/006 - 2.50 (C-S)
C/007 - 2.50 (C)
C/008 - 2.50 (C-S)
C/009 - 2.50 (C-S)
C/010 - 2.50 (C-S)
C/011 - 2.50 (C-S)
C/012 - 2.50 (C)
C/013 - 2.50 (C)
C/014 - 2.50 (C-S)
C/015 - 2.50 (C-S)