This page is dedicated in Loving memory of my Mum
who left us too soon on May 4th 2014

My Mum
Pauline Marcella Wright
My Mum and I were more like sisters most of the time, we went most places together
until I moved away, first to Hayes, then Stevenage and then to Wales where I live now.
We would talk on the phone for hours every few days - or rather Mum would talk and I would listen
and try to get a word in now and then, but that was typical of Mum and I miss our chats.
Late on 4th May 2014 my brother phoned to give me the news Mum had passed away.
She had been suffering from Dementia and this awful disease had robbed her of her memories and us of our Mum.
For some time she hadn't even known who we were, which was heart breaking.
Yes I was extremely sad to know she had passed away, but being a Spiritualist I knew she was in a better place
and at peace, not suffering any more, reunited with Dad who had passed away in 1991 (in fact Mum's funeral was
on the anniversary of Dad's passing) and I knew I would see her again.
We had Mum's funeral and the family gathered at the home my brothers and I grew up in, which one of my
brothers still lives in with his family. We talked fondly about Mum, Dad, and other loved ones who had previously passed away. I know Mum was there listening in and trying to join in the conversation. 

This is the Eulogy that was read out for us at the funeral by Father Alex Lane of All Saints Church, Twickenham

Pauline Marcella Wright was born on 7th February 1940, and was one of seven children of the late Louisa Annie
and Joseph Peter Dormer, 5 of her siblings having already passed away previously.
Pauline married her beloved late husband Ronald Charles Wright on 26th March 1960 and they spent 31 years together as husband & wife until Pauline was widowed on 21st May 1991. They had three children - Karen, Nicholas
& Vincent, and their family home was in Twining Avenue, Twickenham.
Before her health started to fail, Pauline cleaned at The Mall School for boys and Waldegrave Girl’s School, both in Twickenham, where she was known as Paula - a name most of her friends and colleagues used for her.
In her spare time Pauline loved to play Darts and became ladies champion in several local leagues. She also enjoyed working in her gardens which were always well thought of by her neighbours and passers-by, and she also enjoyed knitting in the evenings whilst watching the soaps on TV.
Pauline was a very proud grand mother to Kelly, Jamie, Annabel, Rhys, Connor, Sian, Abigail, Tia, Freya & Aaron, and great-grandmother to Taylor, Charlie, Emily & Louis. Pauline also had a love of animals and had many family pets over the years, her most recent furry companion was her beloved cat Rascal (who now lives with her in Heaven).
Pauline was loved by many and will be sorely missed by all her family and friends. Rest in Peace until we meet again.

Note Mum's middle name Marcella - Mum was adamant that is was pronounced "Marsellay", it was accidentally mispronounced at the funeral but I know Mum would have found it highly amusing once she had got over it!

When Mum passed away and my brothers and I were planning her funeral, we came across an old note book of hers in which I noticed she had listed every song, poem, psalm and hymn that she wanted for the funeral - it made it a lot easier for us knowing what she wanted. I was tasked with putting together a CD of the songs she wanted and also designing and printing the order of service booklet. I felt very humbled and proud to be able to do this last thing for her, although she has stipulated certain songs had to be by certain singers, some of which I had, others were very hard to find, but I did it! The following poem was Mum's choice which was written by her favourite Poet,
and I will put the little psalms/verses she requested with photo's further down the page.

The Awakening

Death is not a sleep, but an awakening to life,
Casting off the dreams of darkness, sorrow, sin and strife -
The soul arising greets the glory of the morning ray,
Faring forth into the promise of the golden day.

At the gate that swings between this world and worlds above,
Stands the Angel of God's mercy with the lamp of love -
Fear not for the spirit that has passed into the night,
Death is not a sleep, but an awakening to light.

By Patience Strong

Like me Mum also had a firm spiritual belief, which I know served her well in finding her way home to Dad.

Close window to return to previous location.
"I laid me down and slept; I awakened:
for the Lord sustained me." Psalm 3 vs 4.5
" I cried unto the Lord with my voice,
and he heard me out of his holy hill."

Mum was a Ladies Darts Champion
and member of several teams and leagues.
Still keeping a watchful eye on us all, God Bless you Mum
My Daughter wrote this poem for Mum.


I never said goodbye
Now I can't tell you why
And it feels
Like my whole world's falling apart.

I hope you're happy now
You're high up in the clouds
Your memory
Will live on in our hearts

I just wish I was there
To show I care
I'm too late
And you're already gone

I hope you're happy now
You're high up in the clouds
Your memory
Will live on in our hearts

I hope we'll make you proud
And that your smiling down
Upon us
From your place in the stars

And your memory
Will live on in our hearts.