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Original Bracelets, Hand Made in Wales with various Gemstone & Crystal beads.
Each bracelet is Spiritually Blessed and Infused with the appropriate energy for it's individual purpose, which is to assist the wearer
in relieving symptoms of various illnesses & ailments, aiding with spiritual protection, awareness, development etc. All gemstones & crystals used are especially chosen for their properties and energies which resonate and work with the energies infused into the bracelets.
Spiritual Blessing & Energy Infusion is done by
Karen who is a Spiritual Medium and Minister with over 50 years experience
so you can buy and wear your Spiritual Jewellery with confidence. (Karen is also the founder and owner of Karen's Kreations)

Note: These bracelets are made to order so the energy is always freshly infused. Please state what size you require when ordering (S, M, L or XL)

Payment accepted Via PayPal, to order simply note the reference code/s of the item/s you wish to purchase

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PayPal and send the correct amount to ra1nb0w@tiscali.co.uk (if you are not a PayPal member you can still send money as a guest at their website)

Please make sure you put a note on the order telling me what you are ordering and include your address so I can send your order to you.

Please add
1.00 to your order total for up to 3 Bracelets and then 25p each for any additional Bracelets to cover postage and packing.

Thank you  
PB/001 - 4.99
PB/002 - 4.99
PB/003 - 4.99
PB/004 - 4.99
PB/005 - 4.99
PB/006 - 4.99
PB/007 - 4.99
PB/008 - 4.99
PB/009 - 4.99
PB/010 - 4.99
PB/011 - 4.99
PB/012 - 4.99
PB/013 - 4.99
PB/014 - 4.99
PB/015 - 4.99
PB/016 - 4.99
PB/017 - 4.99