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PowerTex is a non toxic and environmentally friendly fabric hardening medium that makes it fun to recycle items into something completely new, decorating plain items like those made for crafters to do so, as well of course as creating completely new items from scratch.
Items that have been treated with PowerTex can even be used outdoors. Owing to the nature of this craft items are one-off creations,
even if I make more than one of a kind they never turn out to be exactly the same once they are finished.
Prices depend on the item size, complexity & amount of work and amount of PowerTex & other materials used.

Payment accepted Via PayPal, to order simply note the reference code/s of the item/s you wish to purchase

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PayPal and send the correct amount to ra1nb0w@tiscali.co.uk (if you are not a PayPal member you can still send money as a guest at their website)

Please make sure you put a note on the order telling me what you are ordering and include your address so I can send your order to you.

Please add
3.50 to your order total for each item to cover postage and packing
Items will be sent separately if ordering more than one to minimise risk of damage during transit & delivery

Thank you  
PT/001 - 8.99
Bud Vase / Candle Holder
Approx 8 1/2" Tall
PT/002 - 9.50
Vase / Storage Jar
Approx 7 1/4" Tall
PT/003 - 9.99
Vase / Storage Jar
Approx 6 3/4" Tall
PT/004 - 9.99
Vase / Storage Jar
Approx 6" Tall
PT/005 - 15.00
Bird Nest Box
Approx 6 1/2" Tall
PT/006 - 15.00
Bird Nest Box
Approx 6 1/2" Tall
PT/007 - 15.00
Bird Nest Box
Approx 6 1/2" Tall
PT/008 - 5.99
Trinket / Storage Pot
Approx 3" Tall
PT/009 - 5.99
Trinket / Storage Pot
Approx 3" Tall